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Skiing injuries

General Advice

Perhaps surprisingly, it often isn’t the high speed falls that cause a lot of skiing and snowboarding injuries. During a fall at slow speed, the ski may not release causing torque and damage at the knee, frequently either tearing or rupturing the anterior cruciate ligament or fracturing the tibia (shin bone).

One of the worst derangements that can happen at the knee is called the O'Donaghues triad which involves damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament and the medial meniscus.

Snowboarders are more likely than skiers to suffer upper limb injuries, but stopping a fall with your hand will often tear or rupture the ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb. Skiers can reduce the risk of damaging this ligament by not using the straps on their poles.

Statistically you are most likely to get injured in the first few metres of skiing off the chair lift.

Many of the Physiobench team join the rush to the slopes in the winter, with Karen Hellawell, Alison Whiteley and Jane Hodgson all enjoying their downhill skiing. Jane also does some cross country and telemark skiing.

Every injury is unique, so to help you self manage your skiing injury, we encourage you to first explore our injury advice and read our articles

To greatly improve your chance in succeeding the self management of your injury, our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists can help. You can choose a physio, with the specialist skills to provide you with a personalised treatment programme


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Jane Hodgson - Chartered Physiotherapist Jane Hodgson Jane specialises in lower body injuries and has raced competitively in running, orienteering and adventure racing.

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