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Cycling injuries

General Advice

Cycling injuries can involve most parts of the body after a crash or collision. Knee problems and back pain can occur from repetitive overuse.

Bike set up plays an important role in injury prevention in cycling.

Physiobench team member Alison Whiteley has supported the British Cycling Team including at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic games. She still cycles herself and has the respect of the rest of the team having knocked off climbs such as l'Alpe d’Huez. Chapeau!!!

We've got plenty of injury advice a number of articles worth reading. They'll go some way in helping you to self manage your injury.

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  • Piriformis Stretches, What Works to Stop Pirformis Syndrome

    by Jane Hodgson 10 June 2011

    The mainstay of treatment for piriformis syndrome, a common cause of pain in the buttock, should be piriformis stretches and lower limb kinetic chain exercises.

  • Achilles Tendon Exercises

    by Jane Hodgson 15 September 2010

    Eccentric Achilles tendon exercises have been constistantly shown by many research studies to provide the most effective treatment for Achilles tendonopathy.

  • Knee Pain Info. Pes Anserinus Bursitis a Common Cause of Medial Knee Pain

    by Jane Hodgson 19 May 2010

    Pes anserine bursitis is a common, but frequently under diagnosed, cause of medial knee pain. Causing pain, and sometimes swelling on the area at the top of the shin bone on the inside of the knee, frequent cutting and pivoting movements such as those used when playing basketball, football and rugby can make an individual more likely to develop pes anserine bursitis.

  • Runners knee: The Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, a cause of outside knee pain

    by Jane Hodgson 28 September 2009

    Iliotibial band friction syndrome is commonly termed runners knee because its occurrence in endurance runners is common. Causing outside knee pain, it has been estimated to account for 7% of all running injuries in middle aged men. The term runners knee is however misleading as a broad range of sports people can be affected by iliotibial band syndrome including bowlers, cyclists and racquet sports.

  • Meniscal Injuries

    by Jane Hodgson 8 September 2009

    At 6 injuries per 100,000 of the population meniscal injuries are one of the most common knee injuries, even more so in skiing and sports involving cutting, pivoting and twisting.

  • Achilles Tendon Pain Syndrome

    by Jane Hodgson 3 July 2009

    Achilles tendon pain is a common overuse injury, precipitated by a number of factors including change in training, inappropriate footwear, and altered foot pain it can be treated effectively with ice, stretches, and eccentric strengthening exercises.

  • Cyclists Hand: Handlebar palsy

    by Jane Hodgson 12 June 2009

    Ulnar neuritis at the wrist is also referred to as handlebar palsy, cyclist palsy, or ulnar neuropathy. Symptoms include pins and needles and pain in the hand.

  • Cyclists Hand: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    by Jane Hodgson 12 June 2009

    Carpal Tunnel syndrome causes pins and needles in the hand and pain on gripping. Altering your bike set up and strengthening your core stability muscles can alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Basic Bike Set Up: 5 Tips to set up your bike so as to avoid injury

    by Alison Whiteley 10 June 2009

    Correct bike set up to avoid injury depends on the bike and its use. Here we concentrate on the optimal position to prevent injury when recreational cycling.

  • 10 reasons to get on your bike

    by Alison Whiteley 22 May 2009

    Here are 10 healthy reasons from Physiobench to get on your bike.

  • Helping to heal an injury with ice

    by Jane Hodgson 20 April 2008

    It is common to help heal an injury with ice. Deciding whether you should apply ice rather than heat, and for how long can make the difference between helping to heal your injury and making it worse.

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Alison Whiteley - Chartered Physiotherapist Alison Whiteley Alison has a special interest in treating cycling injuries and has worked with the Great Britain National Cycling Team, accompanying them to the Olympic games on two occasions.

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