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Sailing Injuries

General Advice

Whatever the size of boat, sailing uses powerful explosive movements which can cause injury. Muscles may be cold and go from inactivity to sudden maximal activity often causing muscle strains.

Shoulder, upper back and arm muscles are used when operating the tiller, sheets or winches. Whereas the lower back abdominals and legs are tested when hiking. Contusion to the head is all too common when contact is made with the boom

Every injury is unique, so to help you self manage your skiing injury, we encourage you to first explore our injury advice and read our articles

To greatly improve your chance in succeeding the self management of your injury, our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists can help. You can choose a physio, with the specialist skills to provide you with a personalised treatment programme


  • Rotator cuff injury: A Cause of Shoulder Pain

    by Jane Hodgson 12 September 2008

    Rotator cuff is the collective name for the four muscles that attach the scapula (shoulder blade) to the humerus (upper arm bone). As a whole the rotator cuff stabilises the shoulder joint and facilitates its movement.

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Personalised treatment

For the inclusive package of £28, you receive a personalised injury self management programme comprising exercises and expert advice from your chosen physio.

Included in this price is a follow up assessment, which you can choose to take at any time within 3 months folllowing the initial assessment.

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Specialist physios

Jane Hodgson - Chartered Physiotherapist Jane Hodgson Jane specialises in lower body injuries and has raced competitively in running, orienteering and adventure racing.

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