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Horse Riding Injuries

General Advice

Horse riding injuries generally happen as a result of a fall. Commonly they will involve strains of the shoulder and wrist from breaking the fall with your arm. More serious riding injuries are fractures, dislocation, head injuries, internal injuries and spinal injuries.

To minimise your risk of sustaining an injury whilst riding

  • use a helmet which conforms to current safety regulations and fits properly. Replace the helmet after any serious contact - even though it may look OK, it could be intrinsically damaged and weakened.
  • wear appropriate clothing. Boots should have a small heel to prevent the foot from slipping in the stirrup, non slip gloves, avoid loose clothing
  • maintain equipment. Check equipment for any damage before each ride and replace any that is worn or damaged.
  • consider a back protector to give some protection to the back and chest.

Every injury is unique, so to help you self manage your horse riding injury, we encourage you to first explore our injury advice and read our articles

To greatly improve your chance in succeeding the self management of your injury, our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists can help. You can choose a physio, with the specialist skills to provide you with a personalised treatment programme


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Personalised treatment

For the inclusive package of £28, you receive a personalised injury self management programme comprising exercises and expert advice from your chosen physio.

Included in this price is a follow up assessment, which you can choose to take at any time within 3 months folllowing the initial assessment.

personalised treatment - find out more

Specialist physios

Alison Whiteley - Chartered Physiotherapist Alison Whiteley Alison has a special interest in treating cycling injuries and has worked with the Great Britain National Cycling Team, accompanying them to the Olympic games on two occasions.

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