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Back pain and sciatica

General Advice

One in four of the population will suffer with back pain, in particular lower back pain or sciatica at some point in their lives.

Research on weak abdominals and back pain over the past few years has demonstrated the importance of maintaining and improving strength in the deep core muscles. It has been well demonstrated that increasing physical fitness reduces the incidence of back pain.

Other factors important in back care include: work place ergonomics, posture, mattress and pillow choice.

Exercises for lower back pain include specific strengthening, stretching and mobilising exercise. Core stabilization training and general exercise can be an effective way of managing back pain.

To help you recover from your back pain or sciatica, we encourage you to first read our articles, since all injuries are unique.

To greatly improve your chance in succeeding the self management of your injury, our expert team of Chartered Physiotherapists can help. You can choose a physio, with the specialist skills to treat your injury with a personalised programme.


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Personalised treatment

For the inclusive package of £28, you receive a personalised injury self management programme comprising exercises and expert advice from your chosen physio.

Included in this price is a follow up assessment, which you can choose to take at any time within 3 months folllowing the initial assessment.

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Specialist physios

Virginia Whiteley - Chartered Physiotherapist Virginia Whiteley Virginia is an expert in the rehabilitation of dance injuries, working both with student and professional dancers. She is on the medical practitioners' register with Dance UK the medical register for the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM)

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