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Case Studies

Achillies Tendon Injury

Physio Report by Jane Hodgson

Cause of injury:

Rachel is a teacher in her mid thirties who was having problems with achillies tendon pain. A keen fell runner her activities were restricted because of pain which started after 10 minutes of running or 30 minutes of walking. The achillies tendon pain had been niggling every since taking up running, but had become much worse and was restricting activity since she had gone on a holiday running the West Highland way (a long distance footpath in Scotland).

Advice and treatment:

Rachel felt that Physiobench was the best option for physiotherapy for her as she wanted to resume running as quickly as possible; there was a long waiting list for NHS physiotherapy and it was difficult to get to a private physio because of work and other commitments. Additionally Rachel was attracted to Physiobench because she noticed that Physiobench physio Jane Hodgson is a fell runner and thus was reassured that she would get help which would be tailored very specifically for her and her wish to get back to her running as quickly as possible. Rachel filled in the on line Physiobench assessment; this was reviewed by physio Jane Hodgson who then put together a programme of stretches and strengthening exercises which were designed to address the achilles tendon pain, but also tailored to Rachel's lifestyle and sporting interests. The rehab programme of illustrated exercises and specific advice was e mailed to Rachel in a PDF format and comprised of specific stretches to address the local muscle tightness's and core stability exercises to correct more fundamental underlying issues.


Initially the exercises on the rehab programme needed to be done on a daily basis. Rachel felt that she did not need too sign up for the Physiobench nag alert as she was keen to get back to her running as soon as possible and so felt she would remember to fit the exercises into her daily routine without being nagged. Within 4 weeks Rachel had resumed her normal training and fell racing activities. She did however still getting some stiffness in the achilles tendon after long races and thus took up the follow up that is included in the treatment package. Physio Jane tweaked her rehab plan appropriately and subsequently Rachel has completed a mountain marathon and numerous other fell races without any difficulty.

Client feedback:

"Thanks very much it is such a relief to be back running again without any pain."

Patient confidentiality:

The patients name in the above case study has been changed to protect their identity and they have given permission for their story to be used to illustrate the work done by Physiobench.

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