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I'd like to exercise but I'm far too busy

by Jane Hodgson 6 February 2009


Exercise is of immense benefit to our bodies but in a busy day when is there time to go to the gym? Try some of the following mini-exercises from your home or workplace to stay active & fit.

At Home

  • Don’t use the remote control - get up and change the channel
  • When watching the TV, every time there is a commercial break get up and do something. Just standing up and sitting down a few times uses muscles and increases your heart rate.
  • Use any “down time” to fit in a few exercises. Waiting for the kettle to boil? – Perfect for a few squats. Having to do the dishes? March on the spot or do a few pelvic floor contractions.
  • Turn the housework into a workout - turn the music up and add a bit of vigour to that vacuuming or dusting.

The daily commute

  • Build a walk into your journey. Walk to the station; use the next bus stop; park in a car park a bit further away. Even parking at the far end of your normal car park rather than as close to the office door as possible is better than nothing
  • Walk or cycle the kids to school. It doesn’t even have to be every day, but you’ll all gain. The kids will arrive much more switched on and ready to learn and you’ve burned off a few calories.

At Work

  • Use the stairs not the lift. As you get fitter, you'll find it can be quicker.
  • Put a little coloured sticker next to the clock on your computer, or on your watch. Every time you see it, pull in your pelvic floor muscles (the ones used to stop the flow of urine) and lower abdominals and hold for ten seconds. This improves your core stability muscles and lessens your chances of suffering with back pain.
  • Set up a lunch time walking group with colleagues. Fifteen minutes around the block is enough to up the heart rate, get some fresh air and revitalise yourself for the afternoon.

Make exercise fun

  • You are much more likely to stick to an exercise programme if its fun and social. Join a group and exercise with friends
  • Try a new activity. Ever thought of geocaching?

There is no single best way to fit exercise into your day, but with a little imagination, everyone can up their activity levels.

Just remember, every little bit helps.

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About the author

Jane Hodgson - Chartered Physiotherapist Jane Hodgson Jane specialises in lower body injuries and has raced competitively in running, orienteering and adventure racing.

Did you know

7 out of 10 adults don't do enough exercise therefore increasing their risk of heart disease (Source British Heart Foundation)

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